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SAT Prep Classes at Westbrook High School

We have been offering SAT prep at Westbrook High School since 2005. Over the years we have helped Westbrook students to dramatically improve their SAT scores and to acquire Meritorious Money, scholarship money, which is based on high SAT scores, not on need.

We have spent thousands of hours working with students and developing strategies to help them to succeed on the test. Our track record demonstrates just that.

Course Overview – Cost: $450

The class will meet twice a week from 6pm to 9pm on Mondays & Wednesdays

Our 30-hour prep course at Hale Ray High School costs $450, over a 60% savings off the same course we offer at our office in Clinton. This course spends 15 hours on the math portion of the exam, and 15 hours on verbal portion of the exam. The course spans five weeks, meets twice a week for math and verbal lessons. Each class is three hours. The books below are included in the cost.

SAT books

Please take a look at the upcoming class schedules and register online or contact Mrs. Maciorowski in the School Counseling office.

How We Teach

For all aspects of this high-stakes exam, students are given instruction followed by individual and group practice. Instructors also administer quizzes and full-length practice sections of the SAT. This allows instructors to identify areas in which students need improvement and provides both instructors and students with . If students do not improve their scores it is because either did not ask enough questions or do enough homework.

In our course we use visual aids to supplement instruction. An example of these slides is
included blow. Since problems are diagrammed in advance, we can cover more material in class, and instructors don’t have their backs to the students while teaching.

math SAT problem verbal SAT problem

We teach the test through the eyes of Jimmy and Jane, the two test makers who have made up all of the math and verbal questions on the test. On the first day of class students learn that the critical reading portion of the exam is an open book test, the text is the answer sheet. They learn how to use the 3-2 Method that we created, and just how to read SAT text. Students see that the answer is not inferred from what they think the text is saying, but rather exactly what the text has stated. Far too often, inferences lead students to wrong answers. Once students begin to look at the text through our SAT lens they realize that three of the five answers have little to do with the text they just completed. We then show them why the right answer is right and the wrong answer can’t be right, according to the test. They learn the test’s ins and outs and the importance of building vocabulary: 15 vocabulary words that lead students to the correct answers are the difference between 650 and 800.

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I chose to take the College Planning Partnerships’ course, and it was the best decision, and best money spent in a long time. For the duration of this course, I learned more than I could imagine; I learned everything I needed to be completely ready to take on the SAT. I learned loads of ways the test tries to trick you that I would never have picked up on if it were not for this course. I became so good at the SATs that I went into the test room with the attitude that I was going to completely dominate that test… and I did. The teachers are truly amazing. They know the SAT inside and out. They are always willing to help out and create that individual attention that makes it a very intimate class experience. You set your own goals for your SATs and the teachers aids to help you reach your target, which means that it is very individualized, and personal, unlike many other courses that you might take. It helped me understand not only how to complete certain problems, but also, how to comprehend the test as a whole; how to beat the system. Not only did I go into the SAT confident, and do well, but I also have improved my overall test taking skills that have helped tremendously in school. This course is absolutely wonderful; I am so thankful for this fantastic experience!

Erika Faircloth
East Haddam
Hale-Ray HS, Class of 2009

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Make Up Policy

Students can attend up to two make-up classes in a subsequent course session. If no subsequent session is available, students can pay for private tutorial(s) to make up missed class(es) at a discounted rate.


Makeup Policy

Our make-up policy is as follows; Students can pay for private tutorial(s) to make up missed class(es) at a discounted rate.


Makeup Dates

In the event of a school closing, classes can be made up in the following ways:


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Please enroll in a different section. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Books Included in course

Official SAT Study Guide CPP SAT Manual

Included in the price of the class is CPP's SAT Manual and College Boards Official SAT Study Guide


Books Included in course

Official SAT Study Guide CPP SAT Crash Course Manual

Included in the price of the class is a digital copy of CPP's SAT Crash Course and You may opt to have us ship you a copy of College Boards Official SAT Study Guide if you register at least 3 days prior to the start of class. We charge retail price for the book, shipping fees may apply.