Private Tutoring for All Subjects


Let Us Customize an Individual Study Program for You

We offer private one-on-one tutorials. The advantage to a private tutorial is that the tutor watches the student’s every move, and it doesn’t take long to spot what needs coaching. The tutor gets to know the student quickly and creates a specific study program for him or her. A great first step is to have the student take The SAT/ACT Diagnostic to determine which test he or she is best suited for. Homework is issued based on the student’s needs and capabilities.

There is no minimum number of individual sessions a student must sign up for. Our aim is to get each and every student prepped in as little time as possible. Our group classes generally meet for ten sessions, we can recreate our course for students on the individual level as well. Below are our general suggestions.

Tutoring Rates & Details of Services

$120/hr (Traditional)

  • Work with our most experienced tutors
  • Individualized study program
  • Course materials not included

$175/hr (Omni)

  • Work with our most experienced tutors
  • Individualized study program
  • SAT/ACT Diagnostic or tailored assessment
  • Weekly, online homework checks
  • Personalized scheduling consultation
  • 4 detailed progress reports
  • Course materials included

Multi Student Pricing Plans

Rates Traditional Omni
Two-on-One Rate $96/hr $140/hr
Small Group Rate $65-78/hr $96-120/hr
All prices are listed per student