Individual Tutoring at Your House


Individual or Small Group Tutoring at Your House

Don’t have time to make it to our office? Want to do tutoring in the comfort of your own home? We’ll come to you! This option is best for students who prefer face-to-face tutoring and have no easy way of traveling to our Clinton, CT office.


  • Travel costs apply. You can calculate the cost below.
  • Minimum session length of 1.5 hours
  • Standard course is 14 sessions of 1.5 hours each, but you may decide to do more or fewer. Call or contact us to discuss a personalized study plan.


  • No travel time for you. Works best with busy schedules.
  • Priority scheduling: You set the times for the sessions, and we will meet them.
  • Tailor the course to a single student's individual needs.

Estimate Your Travel Costs --- 248 East Main St., Clinton, CT 06413

Use Google Maps above to get directions from your house to our office. Plug Google's estimations into the respective fields below to calculate the travel costs. Note that travel costs may be lower if you live closer to one of our tutors than our Clinton office. Travel costs are calculated at a rate of 25 cents per mile plus $0.30/minute, according to Google Maps. Charged as round trip, per session.

How Many Minutes from CPP:

How Many Miles from CPP:

If you are interested give us a call at 860-664-9857 or contact us

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