Our Experience Makes The Difference

The IELTS and TOEFL are the two main English language tests widely used around the world. Before comparing the two exams, be sure to check with the institution you are applying to, as some admissions departments will consider only one of the two exams. This information can likely be found on the school’s website.

Both exams are broken up into four sections: Reading in English, Listening in English, Speaking in English, and Writing in English.


  • is a two-hour and forty-five minute exam,
  • will test students with different question types on its reading section (including short answer, student-produced response, and multiple choice),
  • requires students to have a twelve-to-fifteen minute conversation with a test examiner for its Speaking in English section, and
  • requires students to handwrite for its Writing in English section.


  • is a four-hour exam,
  • will test students exclusively with multiple choice questions on its reading section,
  • requires students to have twenty minute conversation with a computer for its Speaking in English section, and
  • requires students to type out responses for its Writing in English section.
    Course Structure:

Students preparing for the IELTS or TOEFL always meet one-on-one. Depending on a student’s English proficiency and necessary scores for admission, tutoring programs can vary widely. Please call for details.