Prep For SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics

Don’t Take The Wrong Subject Test

The College Board offers two Math subject tests. Students should generally take just one. Students that can do well on the Level II test are encouraged to do so. Here are the differences between them:

SAT Subject Test Math Level I:

  • Requires a mastery of two years of algebra and one year of geometry.
  • Test places a heavy emphasis on plane (Euclidean) geometry, algebra, and functions.
  • Questions tend to be more straightforward. This exam is more content-based than the standard SAT (which is reasoning-based).

SAT Subject Test Math Level II:

  • Covers all of the Level I material and more: appropriate for students who have taken at least one year of trigonometry or precalculus.
  • More emphasis is placed on functions and relationships between them.
  • Requires a deeper understanding of statistics and data analysis.
  • Test questions can be considerably harder.
  • The most selective colleges and math-oriented schools (such as MIT) prefer the Level 2 to the Level 1.

Books We Work With

SAT II Subject Tests in Mathematics

Course structure:

  • Students preparing for the Math Level 1 Subject Test generally meet for four 90-minute sessions.
  • Students preparing for the Math Level 2 Subject test generally meet for six 90-minute sessions.

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