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Showcase Your Physics Knowledge

The Physics Subject Test, according to the College Board, “assesses your understanding of concepts from one year of introductory physics on the college-preparatory level, as well as reasoning and problem-solving skills derived from lab experience.” Students who have excelled in their high school physics class should consider taking this exam to showcase mastery of the subject on their college application, especially if they are considering studying math or a natural science in college.

Exam Overview:

Students are required to recall and understand the major physics concepts and apply them to physical principles,
understand simple algebraic, trigonometric, and graphical relationships, understand the concepts of ratios and proportions, and apply lab skills in the context of physics.

The exam contains 75-multiple choice questions to be completed in one hour in the following topics:

  • Mechanics (including Kinematics, Dynamics, Energy and Momentum, Circular Motion, Simple Harmonic Motion, Gravity
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Waves and Optics
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Modern Physics

Books We Work With

SAT II Subject Tests in Physics

Our one-on-one tutoring for these exams requires The College Board’s Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests or/and Princeton Review’s Cracking The SAT Subject Test for Physics.

Course structure:

  • Students preparing for the Physics Subject Test generally meet for five 90-minute sessions.

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