SAT & ACT Test Prep


Personalized Prep Is Based on Goals, Abilities and Time

Whether students opt for Traditional or Omni prep, we, we provide students with our time-proven strategies for every aspect of the exam. We teach students to get over the hurdles they have yet to clear in Math, Reading, Writing, English or Science. Students quickly recognize that they can dramatically improve their scores and that test prep – when done our way – is not at all like going to the ‘dentist’, but instead, is a surprisingly satisfying experience. Give us a call today at 860-664-9857, so that we can learn more about your son or daughter and show you your options if you prep with us. We’ll tell you more about the differences between our Packages and Plans and about our SAT/ACT Diagnostic, which was designed to to advise students if they are better suited to take the SAT or the ACT. To see what people are saying about our test prep, please have a look at our testimonials page.

SAT Course Recommendations

Subject SAT Standard SAT Plus
Reading Sessions 4 6
English/Essay Sessions 3 4
Math Sessions 7 10
Science Sessions -- --
Total 14 20

ACT Course Recommendations

Subject ACT Standard ACT Plus
Reading Sessions 4 5
English/Essay Sessions 3 5
Math Sessions 5 8
Science Sessions 2 2
Total 14 20