Gary Burgard

Senior Tutor & Curriculum Coordinator

Gary Burgard has been an educator for nearly fifty years. After graduating from Yale in 1959, he taught high school English, worked as an assistant high school principal, became Principal of Wethersfield High School, and finished his school career as Assistant Superintendent of New London Schools. More recently he has worked as a Special Education tutor at Waterford High School and as an SAT and LSAT tutor. He joined College Planning Partnerships in 2004.

Gary and his wife Cathy, also a teacher but more recently a librarian, went through the parent side of college placement with their two sons Matthew (Georgetown) and Timothy (Bucknell). Grandson Lucas and granddaughter Zoe now occupy center stage.

Gary, who was accepted at Harvard University but chose to go to Yale because of a better financial package, has an extraordinary intellect and knowledge base in all areas known to the SAT, the ACT and beyond. When there’s a question – whether it’s about math or grammar or science – Gary is the guy we go to. He has been instrumental in helping us to continually find more productive ways to reach our students and evaluate our programs.