Luke Robson

Senior Korea Tutor

Born in Korea and educated in the United Sates, Luke Robson is a master SAT and ACT tutor. On the SAT and the ACT he scored in the 98th percentile and on his preparation for the LSAT (law entrance exam) he scored in the 99th percentile. What distinguishes Luke is his ability to work with the highest performing students and also those who find English difficult.

Luke is a master chess player, currently ranked 26th in South Korea. Luke started his undergraduate studies in political science and philosophy at Macalester College in Minnesota (where he won the Minnesota State Closed Reserve Chess Championship in 2009) and finished his studies at Portland State University with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology.

Luke’s passion is to recognize the unique skills that his students possess. His breadth of subject knowledge has allowed him to connect his students’ interests to the academic tasks at hand. He has been a high school instructor and tutor for over 10 years in the United States and has taught English to foreigners in the US. In 2012, Luke taught two English summer camps in Jeollanamado, South Korea.

Before returning to Korea in the summer of 2015, Luke also taught Korean high school and college students living in Portland in need of math and English tutoring. Luke joined College Planning Partnerships when the company decided to open an operation with Lori Minn in Seoul.