Our Story

Written by Sam Rosensohn

I founded CPP in 2003 because I like to help people get better at what they need to do to win. From its inception, CPP has been win-win because I get to help students attain test scores that open college doors and realize meritorious money, and I thoroughly enjoy the process of helping them to figure out just what they need to do to succeed. CPP continues to bring the best out of me daily and has given me the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with thousands of wonderful families. And there is yet another decisive reason why it's been win-win: our son Zac joined us (my wife, Ann Louise, is the CFO) two weeks after he graduated from Wesleyan.

I founded the company 17 years ago, and we have grown and added new services since then: our SAT/ACT Diagnostic, which we sell to over 300 companies; our initial online tutoring program in 2006 (our first client a family in Moscow); our College Essay Clinic; our classes in high schools, which have increased over the years; our school teacher instruction, our three physical trips to China (32 hours travel time door-to-door) to teach the SAT to Chinese students; our College Success Program and our Covid Support Program. Today, CPP is more a reflection of what the others in the company do — Chandler, Mike, Rebekah, and Zac — than what I do.

The four of them have been able to grow with and into the company, serving as full-time tutors and as facilitators of the company's growth. They have had the opportunity, from an early time, to see and work with all levels of education — from administration, to teachers, down to the students. Their deep understanding of core academic materials, pedagogy, and student relationships has aided in their continued success. Whether it is developing curriculum materials for a nascent Connecticut River Academy, creating and maintaining the widely used SAT/ACT Diagnostic Exam, analyzing school-wide PSAT and SAT data for high schools, or serving as Math Coach for The Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication, this core team takes pride in all that they choose to put their minds to, and we are grateful that they chose to put their efforts towards the pursuit of education.

Don't hesitate to give me a call if you have questions about anything that pertains to education or college entrance exams. I can be reached at 860-664-9857.