Mentorship Program

Making College Count

The catalyst for our mentorship program was to make sure that students attending college make the most out of their time there: both in terms of experience and preparation. While college is a milestone by itself, it also acts as a way for students to prepare for the work life that awaits them. However, although most universities have some kind of career services department, only about 15% of college graduates claim that these services are helpful. To address that, we set out to rethink how students could more effectively graduate on time and better prepare for a rewarding career after they graduate.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help students leverage their college investment so that they

  • transition effectively from high school to college or university.
  • become efficient planners, organizers, and balanced, self-reliant adults.
  • find a rewarding career path.
  • finish their studies on time (generally four years) to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • graduate with a plan for the future that maximizes their earning power.

Schedules and Check-Ins

The backbone of our program is matching each student with a mentor who will guide the student through the entire college experience. Through scheduled check-ins, self-assessments, and assignments, the program is designed to aid students in the development of five main categories crucial to success at university and beyond: Organization, Self-Advocacy, Reflection, Balance, and Planning. Assignments are designed to first help students transition from high school to college, then reach out to professors as they better determine what they'd like to pursue, and finally ensure that they are positioned in the best they way they can to have an employment opportunity ready for them when they graduate.

Return on Investment

As much as we don't want to admit it, today's climate has allowed the college experience to become more transactional than it has been in the past: rising tuition and more competitive job markets mean students need to make the most out of the resources applied to their time in university. Starting at $3,000/year, our mentorship program helps assure parents that their students are going to graduate with the skills they need to effectively transition into adult life with a more complete understanding of who they are and what they want.

Program Pillars

  • Organization - Coaches provide students with short assignments each month that align with their unique schedule, so that students can better organize their time and energy to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and minimize distractions
  • Self-Advocacy - Coaches ensure that students utilize campus resources, build relationships with professors, network, and apply for jobs, so students can reap the benefits of self-advocacy
  • Reflection - Coaches prompt students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses so that students can identify the interests, skills, and experiences that make them confident and excited about their future.
  • Balance - Coaches meet with students at least once a month, helping them strike a healthy balance between academics, work, social life, and self-care.
  • Planning - Coaches help students outline long term plans and hold them accountable so that students learn to set goals and identify the realistic steps necessary to achieve them.
Frequently Asked Questions
For a complete list of questions, please visit our FAQ page.
Mentor Program

No! Whether a student is attending a four or two-year college, or whether you just would like our services for one year, we're happy to help when needed. Our program contains four years of assignments that are applicable for freshmen to seniors, but the entire list of assignments does not need to be completed by each student.

You certainly can, and we actively encourage you to do so. Career service departments can be extremely helpful for some students, but less helpful for others. Even within our program, students will be encouraged to explore the opportunities these departments might provide for them — from signing up for internships to getting placed on valuable listservs. That being said, these departments cannot provide the same level of individualized assistance and guidance that students receive from our program.

This varies based on the student, but typically meetings occur once a month to make sure the student is on track. Meetings could also be more frequent if the student wishes, and some assignments between monthly check-ins might necessitate an additional meeting.

While we cannot guarantee this, we can ensure that your child will make the most out of the contacts available at their university. Most students overlook the value of professorial connections, both during their education and beyond. Additionally, compared to the average college student, students in our program will graduate with a much more focused and detailed plan for pursuing a career in their field of choice.