Prep For SAT Subject Tests in History

U.S. or World?

There are two separate SAT Subject Tests in history: one that tests U.S. History, and one that tests World History. Students may prepare for either or both exams.

World History Overview

The College Board’s aim on the World History Test is to measure a student’s understanding of the development of major world cultures and to gauge their aptitude for weighing evidence, interpretation, and generalization.

The scope of the exam includes 95 multiple-choice questions to be completed in one hour from the following historical spheres:

  • political & diplomatic
  • intellectual & cultural
  • social & economic

United States History Overview

On the U.S. History Test, students are tested on material from pre-Columbian period to the present. Students are tasked with answering 90 multiple-choice questions in one hour from these five major areas:

  • political history
  • economic history
  • social history
  • intellectual and cultural history
  • foreign policy

Books We Work With

SAT II Subject Tests in Mathematics

Our one-on-one tutoring for these exams requires The Official SAT Subject Tests in U.S. and World History published by the College Board. You may provide your own copy or purchase the book from us at retail price.

Course Structure:

  • Students preparing for a Subject Test in history generally meet for four 90-minute sessions.

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