Our Expertise and Dedication Make the Difference

While the SSAT and ISEE are both standardized tests designed for the same purpose, they are rather different from one another. We believe students applying to independent and boarding schools would do well to consider the differences between the exams and then prepare thoroughly for the exam they will sit for.


  • is known for being a more straightforward test, as it does not penalize students for incorrect guesses;
  • is known for having more straightforward questions, focusing on more advanced material,
  • tests reading using only nonfiction passages,
  • tests vocabulary using synonyms and sentence completion, but NOT analogies, and
  • requires significantly more math knowledge than does the SSAT.


  • forces students to employ strategic guessing (as students are penalized for guessing incorrectly),
  • may be better for students with test anxiety, as students are permitted to sit for the SSAT multiple times (but the ISEE only once),
  • tests a broader range of reading materials (including both fiction and nonfiction readings),
  • tests vocabulary using synonyms and analogies, but NOT sentence completion, and
  • places less of an emphasis on mathematics than does the ISEE.

Course Structure:

Students preparing for the SSAT or ISEE generally meet one-on-one for between 10 and 20 sessions. All SSAT and ISEE tutoring plans are designed specifically for the student. Please contact us for details.

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