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Alexis Thomas – Testimonial

After my son’s first two months of his freshman year, he was quite unhappy at Wheaton College. It was clear to me and him that he needed to make a change. However, I was afraid that I was not up to launching my third college application effort. As a parent, I was well aware of the role I had to play in the admissions process. The fact that my son was in school in Rhode Island and I was in New York City added another dimension to the effort. Once I decided to seek professional assistant, I found Sam Rosensohn through a parent resource service. At the time I was not completely sold on this approach to the college application process, especially since I had not used it the last two times. I also thought that it was pricey and was uncertain of the impact of the process. On the other hand, I knew that I needed the assistance of an objective and experienced professional. It came to pass that the dedication, experience, patience, flexibility and commitment exhibited by Mr. Rosensohn was exactly what my son needed. He was located in Connecticut which was closer to my son’s college. He made himself available to my son at flexible hours that were designed to accommodate my son’s academic and athletic schedule. In addition, he did not do the work for Jonathan but instead he made him assume ownership for his work and I believe that was a good experience because he was invested in his transfer effort. My son transferred to Georgetown University as a sophomore and has it has made a tremendous difference in his college life. Sincerely,

Alexis Thomas
New York City
December 2005