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Cynthia Brunelle – Testimonial

Hello, my name is Cynthia Brunelle and I am 16 years old, currently a junior at Daniel Hand High School in Madison. I signed up for Sam’s class at the end of my summer before junior year because a good friend of mine was already taking his classes. At that point, I was worried that I had waited too long to take the classes, or that I was taking the classes too early. However, when I drove out to the classroom and met Sam, I knew that I was making the right decision. Not only did he listen to all my fears, but he sat and talked with my mother and I about my previous PSAT scores, my coming college experience, what SAT prep can do for my scores, and what I should be doing – as a junior, and as a soon-to-be-college student. That first day, we talked with Mr. Rosensohn for over an hour – on his break time. I decided to take the course, and quickly re-learned a lot of things that I had forgotten, pertaining to grammar or simple math. And the best part of the whole affair; the class worked. I received my Junior Year PSAT Scores last week. My “Math” score jumped from a 520 to a 670. My “Critical Reading” went from a 630 to a 730. And my “Writing Skills” went all the way from a 670 to a 780. I am thrilled with my scores. My reading and writing scores are both high enough to get into Yale; my math score is high enough to give me a comfortable shot at Wesleyan. I am now ready and signed up to take the real SAT at the end of January. I am nervous, but will look back over the notebooks filled with helpful advice that Sam gave me, as well as the SAT practice books. As for now, I just want to thank Sam for his energetic, enthusiastic, (wait until you see him teach) and wonderfully constructed class.

Cytnthia Brunelle
Madison, Connecticut
January 2006