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Drew Granucci – Testimonial

College Planning Partnership’s SAT class was essential to my success on the SAT’s and then eventually in being accepted to ten top universities. I also went on to receive scholarships to all ten of those schools and a scholarship totaling $74,000 to George Mason University. I know that this would have not been possible without the help of College Planning Partnerships. While I have always done well in school, I needed help with the SAT. My PSAT scores were decent, but I saw a 240 point improvement from my PSAT score to my SAT score after taking the course at College Planning Partnerships. Sam and his fellow tutors are extremely knowledgeable about the college admissions process. The process can get very complicated and confusing, especially for a family going through it for the first time. Sam was extremely helpful in enlightening me. After taking the SAT and receiving my scores, I was overjoyed. I received a 700 on the reading section, 690 on the math and 660 on the writing portion, for a total of 2050. I could see that I had improved drastically from when I began the course. I took the SAT course because I am the type of student who needed a structured system for studying the SAT. I probably would have not sat down and done it myself. This is why the class was so beneficial to me, because it forced me to study for the SAT and practice nightly. I learned valuable techniques which helped me a lot on test day. I will be forever grateful to College Planning Partnerships for assisting me both on the SAT’s and in the college admissions process. I would have been lost without them! Sincerely,

Drew Granucci
Haddam-Killingworth High School, CT
April 2006