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Erika Faircloth – Testimonial

After receiving my PSAT scores back, I began to get nervous about how my SATs would turn out, since my scores were anything but a reflection upon who I am as a student. Taking tests just is not my thing, and I knew I needed to find a way around that in order to get into one of my top choices for college. I chose to take the College Planning Partnerships’ course, and it was the best decision, and best money spent in a long time. For the duration of this course, I learned more than I could imagine; I learned everything I needed to be completely ready to take on the SAT.

What most people do not realize, is that that SAT is just one big mind game. It is full of tricks and patterns, but there is a way around it. For both verbal and math, I learned loads of ways the test tries to trick you that I would never have picked up on if it were not for this course. I became so good at the SATs that I went into the test room with the attitude that I was going to completely dominate that test… and I did.

The teachers are truly amazing. They know the SAT inside and out. They are always willing to help out and create that individual attention that makes it a very intimate class experience. You set your own goals for your SATs and the teachers aids to help you reach your target, which means that it is very individualized, and personal, unlike many other courses that you might take.

Overall, this course is worth every single ounce of your time, and every single penny you spend. I pushed my scores from the dumps all the way into the 700’s. It helped me understand not only how to complete certain problems, but also, how to comprehend the test as a whole; how to beat the system. Not only did I go into the SAT confident, and do well, but I also have improved my overall test taking skills that have helped tremendously in school. This course is absolutely wonderful; I am so thankful for this fantastic experience!


Erika Faircloth
East Haddam, Connecticut
Hale-Ray HS, Class of 2009