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Gabe Shore – Testimonial

Your class, over the course of five weeks, gets you comfortable and prepared for the SAT so you can go in on test day knowing what to expect and confident that you can reach your goal score. Each week, a different part of the test is dissected and you do practice problems and learn how to attack which problems when. In addition to learning the test itself, test taking strategies are examined carefully so you know how you’ll tackle the test to get the results you want on that test day. Each week questions are answered in class from homework, and you do sample practice problems right from the Official College Board Book that comes with the course. Each week there is homework so you can practice specific kinds of verbal or math problems on your own, and then eventually you put it all together to do a full released practice test just before the actual Saturday you’re scheduled for. It helped me work on the test efficiently, so I had time to get to every problem, and I had a good idea of how to solve the problems quicker and move through the test at a reasonable pace without making too many careless errors. Vocab is a big part of the critical reading, and the Hot Words for the SAT book, which comes along with a binder full of lessons and strategies to try, is a great way to learn many words fast and in simple clusters. I think I made the most improvement in the Critical Reading passages, because Sam teaches how to read them, that the answers are all there, you just have to read carefully paragraph by paragraph and find the support to pick the right choice, and you’ll do fine. I scored 650 math, 640 reading, and 630 writing my first time around. I am confident that this class, with all the information, insight, and practice you get, will get you better prepared for the test and raise your score.

Gabe Shore
Guilford, CT
Class of 2009