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Garrett Bowen – Testimonial

Entering my junior year meant one thing for me: SATs. My college, career, and future altogether could hinge on one single test. I knew I had to look for help; luckily for me, I looked in the right direction. At College Planning Partnerships they give each and every student they work with personal and specified guidance to help them earn the scores they want. They are willing to take whatever steps necessary to procuring the desired outcome. Furthermore, they open you up to the test. For most students, the only glimpse of what SATs are like comes from the PSAT; however, by the end of a course with College Planning Partnerships, you’ll know the test like the back of your hand. Their advice and assistance helped me to take the test with more confidence and assurance in what to expect. College Planning Partnerships doesn’t stop there though. Their friendly aid extends past the course to almost whatever you might need: SAT IIs, college application letters, financial aid; you name it. With College Planning Partnerships you pay a small fee and get immeasurable service for more than just SATs. I highly recommend College Planning Partnerships to any student looking for help with SATs or colleges. Thanks for all your help. I’ll probably be in touch later on this year and you’ll be seeing my sister over the summer. Hope all is well. Sincerely,

Garrett Bowen
Clinton, Connecticut
May 2006
Garrett took the SAT for the first time in April and scored 710 on the critical reading, 700 on the math, and 670 on the writing. A terrific first at bat! Garrett started at Tufts.