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Heidi Yuan – Testimonial

Working with Sam has tremendously aided in the college essay writing process. Not only was he able to provide me with relevant and honest feedback, he did it in a timely fashion that made it extremely convenient and efficient for my own schedule. He really focused on every sentence of my essay, ensuring that each phrase was worded in the best way possible, and also corrected any grammar mistakes that may have hindered the quality of the essay. His expertise was clearly exhibited by his system of editing and revision of my essays, and I always felt like I was in good hands when working with him.

Whenever I needed to talk through my work, Sam was always available to schedule on online call or appointment that worked with my schedule. And, perhaps what I appreciated the most during our online sessions was how Sam always emphasized the fact that what I wrote was my essay, and that I should voice any reservations or ignore any feedback that I didn’t like. Sam was able to guide me in the writing process, without interfering with my own writing style or voice – for that I am extremely grateful. I always felt that my opinion was valued. Furthermore, Sam’s expertise and accepting mannerisms really made it comfortable working with him; it was easy to share even my most personal stories with someone I had never seen face-to-face. In this regard, I highly highly recommend working with Sam and his team!

Heidi Yuan
The Republic of Singapore
November, 2013