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Josh Crain – Testimonial

I have known Sam for many years, and observed him starting his College Planning Partnership. My son, Josh, was one of his first students. What makes Sam particularly special is that he really enjoys helping students do better in school. He honestly gets excited about their progress. Josh needed help in many different areas in his educational program, and Sam was there to help him in many ways. It was through Sam that Josh was successful in his education — I could not have done it alone. Recently, my younger son, Jon, wanted to go to Williams School (he applied no where else). I thought that maybe Sam could help Jon with the SSAT test, since his standardized tests scores were always just above average. Well, in just the few months prior to the test, Sam worked intensively with Jon. Jon gained the knowledge and the confidence to take the SSAT, and achieve scores that allowed him to be accepted to Williams. Both my sons loved to go to see Sam. The only downside to Sam is that it costs money. At first, I questioned whether or not it was worth the money. But after seeing the improvement in both of my sons, and their successes, I think that it’s worth it 100%. I would recommend Sam to any student who wants to improve their chances of getting into a better school. Sincerely,

Michael Crain, M.D.
Essex, CT
March 2006