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Lachlan Markay – Testimonial

I have to admit, I was hesitant about the course at first. I had already taken the test and scored a 1260, which I considered to be just fine. As is generally the case, my parents were nagging me to take the test again, and, after a few weeks of subtle arguments between the three of us, I agreed. My class schedule at the time was pretty packed, so I wasn’t thrilled about taking the course, but after the first class I realized that I was definitely going to score better on the SATs the next time around. All of the lessons that Mr. Rosensohn and I went over had little tricks that I never would have noticed, but seemed so obvious after they were pointed out to me. All of the subtleties that Mr. Rosensohn helped me pick up on really added up to give me a much better score. Once I was accepted to Hamilton College, my first choice school, I was informed that the average SAT score of the incoming freshman class was around 1330, my combined score. I doubt I will ever know if I would have been accepted to Hamilton with a 1260, but I know that four years at a school like Hamilton, as well as all of the opportunities that the school has made available to me, are well worth the one hour per week that I spent preparing with Mr. Rosensohn. Sincerely,

Lachlan Markay
Hamilton, New York,
February 2006