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Marjorie Russel – Testimonial

We cannot say enough about the phenomenal service and guidance we’ve received from Sam and all the folks at College Planning Partnerships! It is a daunting thing to embark on this whole college journey. Sam worked with us every step of the way, guided us and has been incredibly accommodating!! Together we organized an SAT class with my daughter’s friends that met at our house. It was a small group who received both Sam’s and Kathryn’s incredible attention and instruction. The students were made to feel comfortable, were encouraged and motivated, and received honest and effective support and guidance. As our daughter says, “Mr. Rosensohn would do anything in his power to help me. I know he sincerely and genuinely cares about ME and my doing well – he doesn’t seem to be doing this for any other reason! I don’t feel like he cares about his business as much as he really wants to help me and see me do well and be happy!” If that’s not a testament to an effective and powerful educator, I don’t know what is!! — Oh, and yes, Sam certainly DID help her more than I can express, she DID do incredibly well on her SATs (over 2100), she HAS her college essay well under control and she IS happy, even in the midst of her fall semester of her senior year! Do yourself and your child a favor of a lifetime, pick up the phone and call Sam today!


Tom and Marjorie Russell
Centerbrook, CT
September 2008