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Megan Kievman – Testimonial

On behalf of the family, I’d like to thank you for the work you’ve done with all three of our children. That said, we have never been more surprised than with the result Megan received today:

English 30 (from 21)
Math 33 (from 25)
Reading 35 (from 25)
Science 36 (from 24)
Cumulative 34 (from 24)

Her scores are now above 75% for all the schools she was considering in CA. We are really, really appreciative of your work. Again, thanks so much! Megan is ecstatic!

Adam Kievman
Manchester, Conn
September 2019

Megan went from a composite of 24 (the 74th percentile) to a 34 (the 99th percentile).