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Micah W. – Testimonial

The incredibly effective tutorials that Sam and his staff provide brought my son's SAT scores from the "good" range into the "very impressive" range. We started the tutoring shortly before he took his first SAT on which he scored a 2090. My son took it two more times, and because Sam and Mike were able to pinpoint exactly where his weaknesses were, my son ended up with a superscore of 2370! After the second SAT, we realized that my son's 630 Reading score needed focus. Sam worked with him on reading for a few sessions, and my son scored an 800 on his next attempt! My son described the sessions as "engaging" and liked that Sam and Mike could tailor the sessions to his individual needs. He said they taught him the necessary tricks and helped him to "really get to know the test." He completely credits them with his success. I might add that my son's GPA is not terribly impressive which makes his success on the SAT that much more incredible!

Elise N.
Easton, Conn.
April 2016
Micah scored: 800 on the Reading, 770 on the Math, and 800 on the Writing.