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Michael McConville – Testimonial

I’d like to thank you for the SAT preparation you gave me, I improved vastly in all aspects of the SAT and learned valuable test taking strategies that helped not only on the SAT I but also several SAT II tests and even AP exams.

Coming into your program, I had always tested well on the math portion, but often stumbled through the critical reading and writing sections without much strategy or discipline. The test-taking strategies I learned in your class were invaluable to my success in standardized testing, and gave me not only the ability to score well but also confidence on test day.

Practice is a given in test preparation, but the guided practice I received at College Planning Partnerships, followed by thorough analysis and explanation helped get me over the hump of “good” scores into ones that really made my college resume competitive. On test day, I was able to maintain a high level of focus which kept me motivated from the beginning to the end, a focus I could not have maintained with simply practice at home.

I got a 2350 overall, with a 750 in math and 800 in both the critical reading and writing section, and used the same strategies to get a 750 on the literature SAT II. As a result, I got into the honors programs at schools where I was just hoping to get accepted. I feel I could not have done it without your help and the help of the CPP staff, and highly recommend your class.

Thanks Again,

Michael McConville
Daniel Hand High School of 2008
Michael scored 800 on the Critical Reading, 800 on the Writing and 750 on the Math