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Michael Trad – Testimonial

Preparing for the SAT with College Planning Partnerships has been a great experience. The team was always available for questions, and the lessons were enjoyable as they were really interactive.We all know that SAT preparation can be a quite challenging process. I decided to approach College Planning Partnerships, because I wanted to be as ready as possible on test day, and I wasn't disappointed! Not only did the tutoring help me to understand the test the and its requirements, but it gave me little tips and tricks that I wouldn't have been able to find by myself. Theses tips allowed me to be quicker on test day, especially in the reading and grammar section. Indeed, knowing what answer to immediately cross out or how to answer questions while reading the text, made me gain time; a very scarce resource when doing the test! For the math section, the tutoring gave me the techniques and shortcuts to answer certain questions that were way easier than what they seemed at first. I would recommend their service without a doubt.

Michael Trad
Geneva, Switzerland 
December, 2016