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Mike Cecchi – Testimonial

You were a fantastic SAT Tutor. Anyone who is looking to improve his SAT scores dramatically should definitely seek his help. I brought my total SAT score up 110 points in just three meetings with Sam. He helped me “hone” in on my areas of weakness so I could improve the most where it was necessary. It is very important to anticipate which sections are going to give you the most difficulty on the test. Mr. Rosensohn gave me tools to use during the test to derive the correct answer without getting overwhelmed or frustrated. I was able to stay focused for the entire time. Not only that, but I was also able to knock the easy questions off without doubt in order to pursue the tougher questions with more time and confidence. I have heard so many people talk about hours and hours of private tutoring, and still not receive sufficient results. Sam will give you the most know-how about the SAT’s with the least amount of overall time spent. Thanks.

Mike Cecchi
Madison, CT
December 2005
Mike is a day student at Choate Rosemary Hall