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Natty Pinkes – Testimonial

I do want to take a minute to thank you for all the help given to Natty over the past couple of years. As you know he was able to raise his ACT composite score from initial informal testing to final official test by 9 points! His scores gave him a wide choice of colleges to apply to and he was admitted to six of the seven that he decided to apply to. He was given merit scholarships totaling $20,000-90,000 at five of those schools. He decided to go to Northeastern University for several reasons. The health sciences program is designed for students who hope to attend medical school, research opportunities are available to freshmen, the coop program provides work experiences at some of the best medical institutions in the world and he was invited into a dual degree program which will allow him to obtain a masters degree in public health as well as his bachelor's in science. He is very excited. In addition, the online tutoring that he continued to do with Mike throughout his junior and senior years was tremendously helpful. I expect he will continue to work with Mike in college. Anyway, thank you all so very much. You will be hearing from me next school year to schedule test prep for my youngest son, Ethan, who will be a sophomore in the fall. I expect he will start test prep with you next summer. Thanks again,

Suzanne Pinkes
West Hartford, Conn.
June 2017