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Scott Eliasson – Testimonial

I wanted to thank you for the work that you did with my son. He was happy with his CR and math but wanted to improve the writing section of the SAT. We were looking for a good SAT tutor, but all the other options were the same noise, “We can help,” 300+ point increase, etc. We were looking for something different. We wanted someone who really knew the SAT inside and out. Your knowledge of the tests is stunning. I would highly recommend you to any student who is looking to improve their test scores. We were so impressed with you that my son traveled 1 ¼ hours each way to be tutored by you. The results; He was able to increase his writing score by 90 points to 720 for a total of 2200. An increase of that size when you’re already near the top end of the scale is very hard to do. Again, thanks for the help.

Eric will head to Yale in the fall of 2010

Scott Eliasson
South Windsor, Connecticut