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Scott Taylor – Testimonial

This is the first endorsement I have ever written: I imagine you are trying to decide where you should send your child for SAT/ACT tutoring. A quick summary of my experience may help make the decision easy. My oldest son worked with three other tutors prior to working with Sam Rosensohn. Neither he nor I felt that those tutors were really providing any SAT guidance, but instead were simply providing more general academic assistance. When a friend of mine recommended Sam, we switched and quickly found that Sam has an actual method for helping kids achieve their SAT/ACT potential. Sam’s method is based on his detailed research and understanding of how the SAT test works. As a result of Sam’s program, my son could tell after the first session that he would make a lot of progress using Sam’s methods. There were three key results from my son working with Sam. First, he achieved a belief that he could improve and therefore he was willing to do the assignments that Sam gave him. Second, he gained confidence in himself, which is critical for success in anything one does. Third, his scores increased beyond what others told him was achievable. Sam also has a unique ability to connect with kids. This skill is the one in particular that sets him miles a part from others. And he also does a great job keeping me informed, which I appreciate since it can be tough spending a lot of money on SAT tutoring and not having any idea if progress is being made or not. I am confident that you and your child will be pleased with him!!! Sincerely,

Scott J. Taylor
Madison, Connecticut
October 2007