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Steve Byer – Testimonial

Sam Rosensohn proved to be the missing link for our daughter Nikki’s ACT test preparation. I found out about College Planning Partnership and Sam through an internet search. Although a one hour drive away, there was something about Sam and his program that attracted my attention – probably the sense that Sam had the expertise, commitment, and patience to work well with a variety of students. Initially against any real commitment to test preparation, claiming that she didn’t need any help or that she could prepare on her own at the last minute, a stubborn Nikki agreed to meet with Sam “just once”.

Nikki immediately accepted Sam’s gentle approach, expert guidance, and numerous tips. Sam jumped right to the heart of the matter, quickly engaging Nikki in a discussion that sorted through the confusion and lead to a decision to focus on the ACT instead of the SAT. Sam also quickly grasped Nikki’s strength and weaknesses, and outlined a concise study plan that clearly did not entail any more time or prep than necessary. Sam’s flexibility in scheduling one hour phone sessions over the next few weeks worked well for Nikki and alleviated the concern regarding how she would fit this study into her extremely busy high school schedule.

Nikki now has a 35 “superscore” on the ACT, and a much less stubborn approach about college research and preparation as she nears the end of her junior year. We are very grateful for Sam’s great help.

Steve Byer
Simsbury, Connecticut
April 2011

Nikki now has a 35 “superscore” on the ACT