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Tarun Ramachandran – Testimonial

It’s been two full years now. I’ve worked with CPP since the 25th March (2017) till the end of May 2019. I am happy to say that these are one of the best tutors and SAT preparation help you will find. The staff puts in a genuine amount of effort to help you learn. They are always energetic and eager to work with students. I have worked with Sam and his team of tutors since I was in 11th grade, and now I’ve completed my first year of college and still occasionally receive help from them. Many of my recent college assignments came back graded to a near perfect score after working with CPP. Since I am on the topic of college, I fear I wouldn’t have had strong essays to submit to college admissions if I hadn’t received tremendous amounts of help from CPP. I live across the world in a non-native English-speaking country, there is a time difference of at least 10 to 12 hours (keeping Daylight savings in mind) which can be inconvenient for help from institutions based in the US, but CPP found time slots that worked for both of us, which I consider very humbling that they were happy to work with someone across the world.

Tarun Ramachandran
Taipei City, Taiwan
June 2019