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Tyler Hack – Testimonial

I am so pleased to have worked with College Planning Partnerships! Their experience, clarity, and excellent tutors really made the difference for me and helped me achieve my desired score. Before, I struggled with pacing and understanding what the test was really looking for. However, the sessions I took helped create a step-by-step plan that I would follow for each section. The help I received was specific to my needs and weaknesses on the test. They did not teach the test as if there was a set formula to doing well.

My tutors were very encouraging and motivating. Also, after each session, my tutors provided extensive feedback to myself and my parents on my performance during the session. This was invaluable information. They had more faith in my abilities than I did! I would highly recommend College Planning Partnerships to anyone in need of SAT or ACT prep. Thanks,

Tyler Hack
Princeton, New Jersey
May 2014

Tyler scored in the 99th percentile.