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Tyler Hack – Testimonial

We are are thrilled by Tyler’s recent ACT scores – they have really lifted him to the next level. Thank you so much for all your help. Tyler took the ACT three times over a period of six months and we saw a significant increase in his ACT scores each time he took the test. Sam and Mike were really able to focus in on providing him with very critical information as to why he was sometimes making mistakes in his answers. Often it was not that he did not know the subject material, but rather that he was not reading or understanding the question correctly. They were able to provide him with the tools to really comprehend what the questions were asking, and how to answer them. This made a tremendous difference to Tyler’s scores. Both Sam and Mike were able to work with Tyler to show him how to be much more effective at answering the test questions. In the end Tyler was able to achieve a much higher grade than he had ever hoped for!

Tyler scored in the 99th percentile.

I would highly recommend College Planning Partnerships to any parent wanting their child to excel at standardized tests. Their thorough critique of any test really does help your child improve and perform better. They are also really good to giving the parents a concise appraisal of progress.

Thank you!!

Mike Hack
Princeton, New Jersey
May 2014