Meet The CPP Staff

Sam Rosensohn

Founder and Owner

Sam Rosensohn is the founder of College Planning Partnerships, a college prep company that is known for its extraordinary results and the care and attention it gives to each and every student.

Sam is a nationally recognized public school teacher. The U.S. Congress, the Connecticut State Legislature, and statewide teacher organizations have recognized Sam for excellence in the field of education.

Harvard University asked Sam to participate in a research project entitled, The College Access Collaborative. After completing a nationwide search, Yale University’s School of Management chose College Planning Partnerships as a company for its graduate students to partner with.

Sam wrote a widely-read newspaper column that is entitled, College 101. The veteran public schoolteacher is a recipient of the James Madison Fellowship, issued by the U.S. Congress to one teacher annually in the state of Connecticut. The Connecticut State Dept. of Education asked Sam to help establish the standards for the statewide interdisciplinary CAPT test issued to tenth graders.

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History chose Sam to participate in their Summer Seminar at Brown University. He was selected as a fellow for the Amistad American Fellowship, done in conjunction with Yale University.

He is a recipient of the Connecticut Education Association’s Presidential Award for Human and Civil Rights for directing a student effort that freed over 25 slaves in the Sudan. Governor Rowland and the Connecticut Senate recognized Sam for organizing a student movement that led to the creation of 16 bills to stem student violence.

President Bill Clinton and U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd recognized Sam and his students for influencing the Connecticut State Legislature on the Sheff vs. O’Neill case. He is a recipient of the Connecticut Celebration of Excellence Award.

Sam has written educational material for the New York Times Learning Network, Prentice Hall, Peregrine Publishers, and the Hartford Courant. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Boston University. He was a newspaper reporter for The New York Post for 10 years, taught for five years at John Winthrop Jr. High in Deep River, served as the executive editor for five Shoreline Newspapers, and was the academic director for an educational program started by Paul Newman.

When not tutoring or working on the next innovation to help students improve their SAT or ACT scores, Sam is often on his road bike or by the water with his wife, Ann Louise Rosensohn.

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Zac Rosensohn

Senior Tutor & Director of Operations

Zac is a graduate from Wesleyan University. A football player, an English major, a lover of music, Zac continues to help us to find faster and more efficient ways to bring the lessons home to students. Nearly all of our tutors are old enough to be our students’ parents so it’s essential that we gain a young person’s perspective on how we instruct. Zac was essential in creating PowerPoint Presentations for the math that allow us to cover more ground in math in each class. Prior to this innovation there was not enough time to diagram every problem on the board. Zac was also instrumental in helping create The Essay Clinic, a self-standing online essay program. His sense of design and pace is impeccable. That, combined with his self-taught computer skills and longtime interest in teaching and business, makes for a perfect fit at CPP, and we are thrilled that he has joined us full time.

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Michael Kapernaros

Senior Tutor & Curriculum Coordinator

Michael graduated from Macalester College with a B.A. in Mathematics. He took math classes at Wesleyan University when he was in elementary school. He first tutored students for the SAT math section while in high school. Full-time since 2010, he leads CPP’s SAT/ACT Diagnostic team, has co-written CPP’s SAT and ACT Manuals, and designed much of the curriculum that its students employ during class sessions. In his spare time, he enjoys playing board games – especially Scrabble – and watching football, a sport he played for 13 years.

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Emily Harris-Martinez

Senior Tutor

A native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Emily recently returned to Albuquerque after a nine year absence. Emily attended Sandia Preparatory School and went on to Macalester College. Emily received a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in sociology and an emphasis in women’s studies. Emily graduated magna cum laude and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Emily was president of Psi Chi, the psychology honor’s society while at Macalester. Upon graduation, Emily re-located to Arizona where she earned her master’s degree in social work and was a member of Phi Alpha, the social work honor’s society. Emily worked in child welfare with at-risk children and families in Arizona until her return to Albuquerque. When not tutoring or caring for her infant son, Emily enjoys reading, the outdoors and finding grammatical errors.

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Chandler Warren

SAT/ACT Verbal Tutor

Chandler graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2012 before pursuing his Master’s Degree in English Literature at the University of Nebraska. His research focused on the aesthetics of Marxist film, as well as computational text analysis. His collaborative work text mining the Willa Cather Archive was presented on the international stage and published in the esteemed journal Digital Scholarship in the Humanities. Chandler returned to Connecticut to be closer to his family, and can now be found making really funny jokes at the CPP office in Clinton.

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Rebekah Brown

Rebekah was the Salutatorian of the class of 2018 at Hamilton College. She double majored in mathematics and creative writing and was given the school’s highest math award, the Kirkland Prize in Mathematics, as well as the Phi Beta Kappa Book Award, and The Rose B. Tager Prize for short stories. She is a Phi Beta Kappa member and a recipient of the Thomas E. Meehan Prize for creative writing. Rebekah seeks to use intersections and parallels between math and language to help her students better understand both fields. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing YA fiction, solving puzzles, playing board games, and pestering her cat. Rebekah attended an international high school in Budapest, Hungary before relocating to the United States for college.

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James Sainz

James is a Los Angeles native with a bachelor degree from the University of San Francisco in physics and a masters degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst in physics. James’ specific interest is in astrophysics and he studied solar neutrinos in graduate school. He has taught calculus and physics at Loomis Chaffee in Windsor, CT and is currently a physics and engineering teacher at The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, CA. On the side he makes hip hop music and plays chess.

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Rick Taylor

SAT / ACT Verbal Tutor & Art History Tutor

Rick is a graduate of Harvard University, where he studied History of Art and Architecture and Archaeology, and the University of Oxford, where he received his masters in Classical Archaeology and, most recently, pursued additional graduate study in the field. Rick may have spent several summers excavating in Greece and Turkey, but he neither carries a bullwhip nor dons a fedora. In 2012-2013, Rick worked at The Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut. There, Rick taught world history and was tasked with independently redesigning the school’s art history curriculum. At CPP, Rick helps students prepare for the verbal sections of the ACT and SAT as well as for the AP Art History and World History exams.

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Luke Robson

Senior Korea Tutor

Born in Korea and educated in the United Sates, Luke Robson is a master SAT and ACT tutor. On the SAT and the ACT he scored in the 98th percentile and on his preparation for the LSAT (law entrance exam) he scored in the 99th percentile. What distinguishes Luke is his ability to work with the highest performing students and also those who find English difficult.

Luke is a master chess player, currently ranked 26th in South Korea. Luke started his undergraduate studies in political science and philosophy at Macalester College in Minnesota (where he won the Minnesota State Closed Reserve Chess Championship in 2009) and finished his studies at Portland State University with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology.

Luke’s passion is to recognize the unique skills that his students possess. His breadth of subject knowledge has allowed him to connect his students’ interests to the academic tasks at hand. He has been a high school instructor and tutor for over 10 years in the United States and has taught English to foreigners in the US. In 2012, Luke taught two English summer camps in Jeollanamado, South Korea.

Before returning to Korea in the summer of 2015, Luke also taught Korean high school and college students living in Portland in need of math and English tutoring. Luke joined College Planning Partnerships when the company decided to open an operation with Lori Minn in Seoul.

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Gary Burgard

Senior Tutor & Curriculum Coordinator

Gary Burgard has been an educator for nearly fifty years. After graduating from Yale in 1959, he taught high school English, worked as an assistant high school principal, became Principal of Wethersfield High School, and finished his school career as Assistant Superintendent of New London Schools. More recently he has worked as a Special Education tutor at Waterford High School and as an SAT and LSAT tutor. He joined College Planning Partnerships in 2004.

Gary and his wife Cathy, also a teacher but more recently a librarian, went through the parent side of college placement with their two sons Matthew (Georgetown) and Timothy (Bucknell). Grandson Lucas and granddaughter Zoe now occupy center stage.

Gary, who was accepted at Harvard University but chose to go to Yale because of a better financial package, has an extraordinary intellect and knowledge base in all areas known to the SAT, the ACT and beyond. When there’s a question – whether it’s about math or grammar or science – Gary is the guy we go to. He has been instrumental in helping us to continually find more productive ways to reach our students and evaluate our programs.

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Thomas Pipoli

US & World History Tutor

Thomas is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and double-majored in History and Italian.He has recently achieved his master’s degree in Global, International, and Comparative History at Georgetown University. From an early age, Thomas developed a fascination for important dates, famous figures, and historical themes. He utilizes these passions to help tutor students in preparation for the AP & SAT II subject tests in World history. A specialist in global historical concepts and transnational themes, Thomas is adept at simplifying history and making it understandable for students. Outside the classroom, Thomas loves to travel and cook.

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Sara Markman

Sara discovered her passion for tutoring and teaching while earning her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at Smith College. Not only did she serve as a teaching assistant for the Biology Department and the Philosophy Department, Sara served as a tutor at Smith’s Quantitative Resource Center where she worked with students taking economics. Upon her graduation from Smith, Sara enrolled in the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education where she earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with a concentration in science education. She currently works as a biology and chemistry teacher at The Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut. When she isn’t pursuing her passions for science or education, Sara enjoys running, hiking, and playing with her dog, Max.

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Alex Gopinathan

SAT & ACT Math Tutor

Alex Gopinathan scored 800 on the SAT when he took it for the first time during his junior year. Originally a student at College Planning Partnerships, Alex has worked with us for the last three years, helping us to advance our math curriculum and create the signature PowerPoints we use so students can quickly visualize how to solve both verbal and math problems. Alex is completing a five year Combined Plan Program at Fordham University and Columbia University in Electrical Engineering. Alex will earn a degree in engineering physics from Fordham and a degree in electrical engineering from Columbia. Alex, a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, enjoys participating in Mixed Martial Arts. Besides offering Alex another way to express his love for math, Alex believes that tutoring fulfills a learning experience for both the student and himself.

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Katherine Ryan

Senior SAT & ACT Math Tutor

Kathryn graduated form Georgetown University with a bachelor’s degree in math from Georgetown University and went on to earn a masters degree in education at Harvard University. After teaching high school math for ten years in Massachusetts and at the acclaimed Horace Mann School in The Bronx, she settled in Ivoryton, Conn., with her husband John where they are currently raising their three children. Kathryn brings intelligence, humor, insight, warmth and understanding to each and every tutorial. When not tutoring students for the SAT or the ACT, Kathryn enjoys running and swimming, and in the summer can often be found with her family sailing on the Connecticut River. She is tireless and gives her students everything she’s got – and that’s a lot.

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Ann Louise Rosensohn

CFO & Head of Student Coordination

Ann Louise, wife of founder Sam Rosensohn, is the chief financial officer. No business decision is made without it going by Ann Louise. She does the books, pays the bills and works to keep our fees and tuitions as low as possible. As a working mom, she understands how hard it is to keep up with rising prices in a down economy. While Ann Louise is the glue and the special ingredient that keeps our enterprise smart, welcoming, cost efficient, she is a fine arts painter by profession. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Ann Louise shows her work locally. Nearly all of the art on the walls in our office has been done by Ann Louise. She is the mother of Zac, who also works in the business, and Trevor Rosensohn, a freshman at CU Boulder.

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Jenny Honan-Smith

SAT Verbal Tutor

Jenny Honan Smith is a motivated, dedicated writer and teacher, who is passionate about the power of words both in literature and in writing. She helped create the content for our college essay online clinic, and as editor and writing tutor, she enjoys helping students find their voices and present their best to the admission officers at the colleges of their choice. She also instructs classes and tutors individual students in the verbal portion of the SAT. Jenny is an instructor at Albertus Magnus College, teaching classes in their associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs including courses in literature, college and professional writing, and communications. Additionally, she is a freelance writer and is currently engaged in a 2-year website redevelopment project at WPI. Past freelance work has included articles for local newspapers, web projects, and curricula for high school and college courses. She received her BA in English from The Catholic University of America and her MA in English from Southern Connecticut State University. In the summers, she enjoys boating with her husband and two boys and manages the Thimble Islands Ferry Company, co-owned and operated by her husband.

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