Resources for College Readiness

Are you ready for the academic and financial challenges of college? Below, you can find resources to help yourself become a stronger reader–and student–and how to position yourself for success in the college search and admissions process.

For more advice, we recommend listening to NPR’s How to Succeed at College podcast for answers to all your college questions.

Check out our resources on these topics below:

  1. How to Become a Better Reader
  2. Meritorious Money–Don’t Miss Out
  3. Upcoming College Fairs

1. How to Become a Better Reader

Critical, engaged reading is key not only to understanding college-level curriculum, but also to studying efficiently and effectively. We recommend the New York Times’ 7-Day Challenge to push and grow your reading abilities. 

But first, you have to find the right book. 

At What Should I Read Next, get recommendations by typing in books or authors you enjoy.  Register for free to build book lists and keep track of recommendations.

Or, at Literature Map, explore authors similar to your favorites.

Finally, consider reading lists published by figures like Barack Obama, Maya Angelou, and Bill Gates

2. Meritorious Money – Don’t Miss Out

A school’s price tag might not be an accurate prediction of how much you’d pay to go there. Make sure you consider schools with great meritorious and need-based scholarships. 

Go to 10 Things to Know About Merit Aid Scholarships by the U.S. News and World Report to learn about what kinds of merit awards are available and what schools to consider. 

Some expensive schools offer extensive financial aid to meet student need.  Go to Schools That Meet Full Financial Need with No Loans for a list of schools with some of the best financial aid. 

Some schools have need-blind admissions policies, meaning that they do not factor a student’s financial need into their admissions decision. Of these schools, about half guarantee to meet a student’s full demonstrated need. Check out  Cappex’s list of need-blind schools: Colleges with Need-Blind Admission for U.S. Students. 

3. Upcoming College Fairs

Attending college fairs is an important way to learn about your college options and demonstrate your interest as a prospective student. 

Find a freeNational College Fair near you and register today. 

You can also attend specialized college fairs in fields of interest to you. For example, check out these directories to find college fairs for  Performing and Visual Arts or STEM

Finally, before attending, make sure you know what questions you should ask college representatives with College Raptor’s Top Questions to Ask at College Fairs.