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ACT Math Lesson 2

We completed the second science lesson today and {NAME} is off to a good start. During our first lesson, we talked about the different types of passages and developed a strategy for the ACT Science section, which will account for 25% of the total score. We discussed the best strategy to succeed on this lightning-fast test, but practice is absolutely vital. Repetition is the key to success on the ACT Science, and this is why we begin with this section: to allow students ample time to practice. For homework, {NAME} was assigned a complete science exam and their score is as follows: {SCORE}. One thing I noticed is that {NAME} will need to focus on XXXX. OR {NAME} did not complete the homework. We discussed this during our lesson, but homework completion and independent review is absolutely essential to increase scores on the ACT. During our second lesson we switched gears to math. As the math section of the ACT is broad, it will be the main focus of our remaining lessons. We worked through problems together, identifying the strategies necessary to reach a correct answer. We also spent some time reviewing formulas that {NAME} will need to know for the exam. I will continue to assign full science exams for homework in addition to math, so that {NAME} can continue to get practice on both. All of the homework can be found at the CPP profile page. I will continue to be in touch regarding progress, but if you have any questions in the mean time please don’t hesitate to reach out.