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SAT Math Lesson 2

We have completed two math lessons so far and {NAME} is off to a good start. We have worked through all of the Algebra 1 material covered on the SAT at this point — this material, learned years ago, is foundational for success on the SAT math, as it makes up more than one-third of the SAT Math test. While it may sound easy because these skills were taught so long ago, the SAT asks different and challenging questions — often that students are not expecting — and mastery of the material is incredibly important. On the first homework, {Name} got XX/YY correct. We reviewed all the questions that {he/she/they} missed or struggled with, and the pattern that I observed was _______ . <<OR>> {Name} did not do/finish the first homework. When we discussed it in session, {he/she/they} said that _________ . I stressed that the homework is essential both to practicing and strengthening content skills, and to assessing progress and areas that need more work. The homework for next time can be found here ________________ and should take around ____ minutes. We have started moving on to the Problem Solving and Data Analysis content on the test. So far, {Name} is doing very well with XXX, but needs more practice with YYY. All of the math homework can be done on Desmos; however, problems can also be found in the blue book. If problems are completed in the blue book, answers should still be submitted in Desmos so that I can see if there are any issues. ┬áDon’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.