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How to Teach Like a Homeschool Expert

If you never wanted to be your kid’s elementary or middle school teacher, but you know they need additional support and you’re the only person to deliver it in person, take a listen to the Homeschool Expert Podcasts.

Anne Crossman, a leading authority on homeschooling and the founder of Homeschool Expert, has a free audio library that is likely to be of help to the moms and dads who are now in full teacher support mode.

While my kids are out of college (not college debt), I listened with intertest to Expert Homeschoolers, Nurturing Your Child’s Learning Strengths, Coaching Students Through Stress, Special Needs & Homeschooling, Promoting Calm, Homeschooling Teens in a Time of COVID, and gleaned insight from the experts who make homeschooling their business.

For a breezier, light-hearted approach take a look at How to Turn Your Home into a School Without Losing Your Sanity.   I particularly liked the nods to Be Forgiving, Know Your Kids, Do Passion Projects, and Shake Your Sillies Out. 

For a more in-depth look at this, there’s a 17-minute audio or an article for the tens of millions of parents who are now essentially homeschooling their children.

Ana Homayoun, an educational coach from San Francisco, reminds that there is a silver lining to this new brand of schooling. Students now have time to pursue interests that they haven’t had time for, or, we might add, have yet to be presented in school. This is the time for kids to dive into their interests or to discover them.

Homayoun reminds that it’s not helpful to be too tough a grader on yourself during the pandemic. If you need to occasionally put on a movie to get through the school day, please do; their paid teachers do that as well.