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The Best Work Insurance: A College Degree

Both the Federal Reserve and Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce have amassed data during the pandemic that demonstrate that workers with a Bachelor’s degree or higher are more likely to be employed than workers without a four-year degree.

Bloomberg Law makes the assertion that “A college education is proving more valuable than ever during the coronavirus pandemic, insulating many American workers from the job losses that have ravaged the economy.”

Jobs for people without college degrees tend to be less compatible with remote work and are more likely to involve one-on-one contact with people. “Higher levels of education have long been an insulator against labor market disruptions, reducing the incidence of job loss,” wrote Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President Mary Daily and economists Shelby Buckman and Lily Seitelman.

The economists analyzed data from a Pew Research Center survey that found 65 percent of workers with a four-year degree or higher were working from home during the pandemic, while 22 percent of workers without a bachelor’s degree were working remotely.