Self Discovery and the College Decision

Right now most juniors in high school are beginning to feel the heat from their parents, guidance counselors and peers about their college decision.

College can be a stressful decision, and throughout the chaos of preparing for the next step, be that applications, resume building activities, or just plain school, many students loose focus on the important part of this journey; achieving happiness at an institution that fits them socially, intellectually and culturally. Finding a place where the student can flourish and follow a constructive path towards building a better future.

In today’s New York Times Lee A. Culbertson motioned for students, prior to creating their college list, to consider the following:

  1. What is my learning style?
    Which classes were you most engaged in. Were they larger classes, lecture based? Smaller and focused around discussions? What kind of assignments did you excel at?
  3. What is most important to me regarding my education?
    Location of the college, sports programs, class size, educational program offerings?
  5. What type of person am I?
    How hard do I work? Do I thrive in an enviorment of high academic competition? Am I self motivated? Will I take advantage of extracurricular programs? Will I attend all of my TA sessions?
  7. Lastly, to be realistic about colleges that will accept you
    Set yourself up for success. With over 3,500 colleges in the U.S. pickings are not slim.

If students are able to step back, dig deep, and really think about what they want to leave their college experience with, the process might not seem so daunting but instead exciting and motivating.

As Frank Sachs from the Blake School says, “College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.”